Protecting Your Rights

Sexual harassment in the workplace is devastating to the victims. Forms of sexual harassment can either be overt or inconspicuous. It also happens to both genders, although women in the workplace are more prone to sexual harassment based on statistics. If you feel that you are a victim of sexual harassment in California, you need to contact experienced California sexual harassment attorneys as soon as possible to get counselling as to what constitutes sexual harassment, the evidence you need to obtain and preserve and the steps you need to take in order to protect yourself from further sexual harassment or retaliation against your co-workers or employer. Skilled California sexual harassment lawyers can readily advise you on what you need to do to account instances of sexual harassment and to make sure that you follow office protocol by reporting the matter to your supervisor or human resources department. In any event, you need the legal assistance of best California sexual harassment law attorneys to guide you through the whole process in pursuing your sexual harassment claim against your co-employee or employer.

Best Sexual Harassment Lawyers in California

If you have been sexually harassed at work, like being pinched, touched uncomfortably or have been receiving improper or even lewd comments from your co-employee or employer in the workplace, you have a right to seek damages for your anguish and humiliation. If any of these things happened to you at work, you need to call The Law Offices of Farris Ain’s best sexual harassment lawyers in California right away. Our aggressive sexual harassment attorneys in California are very experienced in obtaining vital evidence necessary to put your harasser to task and make that person pay dearly for putting you in a very awkward and even life threatening position. As expert sexual harassment law attorneys in California, we have vast knowledge in determining patterns, which would show sexual harassment, especially if the sexually harassing acts are done inconspicuously like when your employer utters comments insinuating promotion or bonus in exchange for sexual favors. If you are serious in pursuing a sexual harassment lawsuit against your employer, your best recourse is to seek legal help and representation from our understanding California sexual harassment lawyers who are always vigilant in making sure that you get the maximum compensation you deserve, which may include: back pay, front pay, lost bonuses, reparation for your emotional trauma and even punitive damages.

Sexual Harassment Laws in California

As a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace in California, you should know that there are federal and sexual harassment laws in California that protect you from your tormentors. It is against the law and basic human decency to be subjected to sexual harassment. Especially if your livelihood and your family’s future is being threatened by your employer in exchange for sexual favor, you need to act fast and seek help from our experienced California sexual harassment lawyers who are very knowledgeable in all aspects of federal and sexual harassment laws in California. Sexual harassment in the workplace is technically called “quid pro quo” sexual harassment, which means that you are being made to choose or being offered job security in exchange for being subjected by your employer to lewd or sexual acts. Whatever name you call it, our skilled California sexual harassment attorneys will make sure that you are saved from further harassment and we will use all our skills, experience and resources to prove your sexual harassment claim against your employer.