Don’t Get Swindled

We all know when someone has physically injured us through wrongful actions, but figuring out when we’ve been financially injured by another party – especially a more powerful or sophisticated party – can be hard to detect and even harder to fight back against. But at The Law Offices of Farris Ain, APC, we successfully represent people as individual or class actions for:

Fighting for Consumers

As a consumer in California, you are entitled to some of the strongest rights in the country, and a large part of my practice is devoted to protecting the rights of consumers like yourself. Whether you have been injured by defective drugs or products (cars, appliances, food products, etc.), deceptive or unfair business practices (false advertising, hidden fees/charges, overbilling, etc.), or some other violation of state or federal consumer law, I have the experience to represent your financial interests in an individual or class action lawsuit.

Fighting for Entrepreneurs

I also pursue and defend against all types of business-related claims on behalf of contractors, workers, homeowners, and business owners being taken advantage of. When you work with me, I will fully investigate your situation – whether it be a breach of contract matter regarding payment and/or services, an intellectual property dispute, a real estate matter, an unfair competition or deceptive trade practices, or anything in between – and use my experience in litigating hundreds of state and federal cases to pursue efficient legal strategies for your most favorable outcome.