Protecting Your Rights

As with other forms of discrimination, religious discrimination in the US in general, and religious discrimination in the state of California in particular, is prohibited under federal and state statutes. If you are a part of a religious congregation and you are being ridiculed by your employer and co-workers because of your religious affiliation or beliefs, then you have a right to claim damages against your employer and co-workers. In order to do this, however, you need to seek advice from top religious discrimination attorneys in California right away. Establishing evidence that you are being singled out or discriminated against because of your religion is a tricky matter. It is obvious that the perpetrators will not willingly admit to subjecting you to religious discrimination for obvious reasons. Hence, in order to succeed in claiming the highest compensation for your pain and suffering and other damages, you need to be represented by the best religious discrimination lawyers in California.

Religion Discrimination Law

Religion discrimination laws are enacted to protect the rights of every employee to be able to work harmoniously with others regardless of their religious affiliations. One religion discrimination law in particular is enshrined in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. According to the Act, employers may not treat applicants or employees better or worse than other employees just because of their different religious beliefs or practices. This means that, if you are given more work or if you are not getting ahead in the corporate ladder because of your religious affiliation, then you need expert religion discrimination law attorneys to help you get the justice you deserve. The law does not only penalize employers for religious discrimination towards a person who is of a different religion. It also extends to employees who, although with the same religious affiliation as the employer, mingles or identifies himself with employees of a certain religious affiliation. If this happens to you, you should be aware that you are also a victim of religious discrimination. Hence, you should make sure that your rights in the workplace are protected by notifying your HR department for any acts constituting religious discrimination against you by your co-workers. However, if your employer allows your co-workers to harass you on account of your religious affiliation or your employer himself is the doer of the wrongful act, then the best thing to do is to directly call highly competent religious discrimination attorneys in California to help you claim the maximum compensation for your damages against your erring employer.

Why Should I Hire Best Religious Discrimination Lawyers in California?

Most employees think that the only way that they will be discriminated against by their employers due to their religion is if they are the subject of direct negative actions from their employers or co-workers like when they are not hired, fired, demoted or not provided with the same benefits, among others. However, if you contact the best religious discrimination lawyers in California, like The Law Offices of Farris Ain’s top California religious discrimination claims attorneys, you will know that even if you are being treated the same way as your employer treats other employees, your employer might still be committing religious discrimination against you. The law provides that if your religious affiliation demands that you perform simple religious acts within office hours and your employer fails to provide you reasonable accommodation without undue hardship to your employer, then you have a right to still claim damages, for failure of your employer to provide reasonable religious accommodation for you. Our very competent religious discrimination attorneys in California can make sure that you are provided by your employer with simple religious accommodations that will not cause undue hardship to your employer or to your co-workers. Even if your employer posits the premise that there will be an undue hardship to him and your co-workers, the expert religious discrimination law attorneys in The Law Offices of Farris Ain can definitely refute them on account of our decades of experience in protecting every religious affiliation of California employees in the workplace.