A serious brain or spinal injury is life-changing for both victims and their families. Despite the advances made in medicine, an injury to the brain, spine, or spinal column can still have an enormous impact on a person’s way of life for decades. Such injuries can affect a person’s ability to work and earn a living, their mobility and social functioning, as well as their emotional and psychological well-being. Furthermore, expensive medical attention, care, and equipment is often required throughout a person’s life, easily reaching into the millions of dollars over time. In pursuing a personal injury lawsuit over a brain or spinal injury, it is therefore critical to work with an attorney who has the experience and skills to negotiate, litigate, and finalize a financial recovery that takes into account your lifetime needs so that you and your family are taken care of over the long run.

At The Law Offices of Farris Ain, APC, our legal team is on the side of victims of brain and spinal injuries and their family members seeking financial recovery from liable defendants. I have personally litigated hundreds of state and federal lawsuits on behalf of personal injury victims in the Claremont area and throughout Southern California, and I look forward to seeing what our team can do to help you and your family.

Winning Financial Recovery for Brain and Spinal Injuries

Under California law, a victim of a brain or spinal injury can recover monetary damages from a defendant and/or his employer when that defendant failed to act in a reasonable manner and his actions caused the brain or spine injury. Common situations in which a defendant could be liable for a brain or spine injury include:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents
  • Violent fights and attacks including stabbings and/or blows to the head
  • A gunshot wound to the head or other penetrating device to the head
  • Recreational and sporting accidents (skiing/snowboarding, swimming/diving/surfing, skateboarding, martial arts, and football, boxing, gymnastics, etc.)
  • Construction and workplace accidents involving machinery striking a person’s head

After such an injury occurs, it is important to begin working with an experienced personal injury attorney as quickly as possible to begin building your case for recovery.

When you consult with our office, I will immediately begin assessing and investigating your injury-causing event to compile the physical, medical, and testimonial evidence necessary to support your claim. I will also work hand-in-hand with your medical caregivers and any experts to help ensure you are getting the care you need while taking the necessary steps to hold all defendants financially liable for your care and other financial damages.

Damages in a California Brain or Spinal Injury Case

Again, brain and spinal injury cases are often far more expensive and impactful on a person’s life than other injuries, and so it is critically important to take the steps now to ensure that the needs of you and your family over the decades are addressed in any settlement or verdict you obtain in the near future.

As your attorney, I will work with your medical professionals and pursue all available legal strategies to win your recovery for:

  • All medical bills you will face over your lifetime, including in-home care and rehabilitation
  • All devices and equipment you will need, including vehicles and in-home devices adjusted to your needs and skills
  • The value of your pain and suffering from your injuries quantified over your lifetime
  • Any lifetime impact on your ability to work or earn wages

Contact me today to discuss the potential recovery available in your specific situation.

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At The Law Offices of Farris Ain, APC, we understand the intense anxiety, pain, confusion, and fear that can affect personal injury victims and their families after brain or spinal injuries, and we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to win recovery while also treating our clients with compassion and the highest level of customer service. Please contact me for a free consultation regarding the circumstances of your brain or spinal injury claim today.