Most of us love animals, but it is unacceptable for an owner of an animal to be careless in allowing that animal to injure another person. The most common scenario in which people are injured by animals is through dog bites, but other animal-related injuries can come from horses, livestock, snakes, cats, birds, pet spiders, and any other number of domestic animals. Although not every minor injury from an animal should lead to a lawsuit, of course, animal bites and other injuries can cause serious medical bills, pain and suffering, and even death in some cases, especially among children and the elderly. California law provides plaintiff-friendly courses of action for those injured by animals belonging to another.  As the founder of The Law Offices of Farris Ain, APC, in Claremont, California, I represent injured victims and their families in pursuing maximum financial recovery after serious dog bites or other animal-related injuries.  

Dog Bites in California: No “One Free Bite”

You may have heard of the phrase “one free bite” with respect to dog bite liability. The phrase refers to the law in some states which says that a dog owner will not be liable for a dog bite if it is the first time that the dog has bitten another person.

To be clear, this is not the law in California. Dog owners are strictly liable for dog bites, meaning that, even if the dog has never bitten another person, the dog owner will be liable in a lawsuit if the dog causes injury to another through biting. To win a dog bite lawsuit in California, therefore, a plaintiff will need to prove that:

  • The dog belonged to the defendant
  • The plaintiff was bitten by the dog
  • The plaintiff was lawfully positioned when the dog bite occurred, meaning the plaintiff was not trespassing or otherwise not allowed to be where he or she was, and
  • The plaintiff suffered injuries as a result

The owner may try to argue that you yourself were at fault in causing the dog bite to occur, but our team will aggressively fight back against all such arguments to win full recovery in your favor.

Damages in Your California Dog Bite Suit

Oftentimes, proving the full extent of your damages is the most critical aspect of a dog bite (or other animal attacks) lawsuit, and our team will work with medical providers to recover all that you are owed for:

  • All medical bills
  • All pain and suffering you have and will endure as a result of the bite
  • All lost income and reduced earning potential
  • Wrongful death damages for family members of a deceased victim

Other Animal Attacks in California

Again, defendant animal owners are also liable for other injuries caused by non-canine animals. In the case of wild, non-domesticated animals kept by an owner, such as a raccoon or snake found in the wild, owners are strictly liable for injuries as with dog bites.

In the case of domesticated, non-canine animals such as domestic cats or birds, owners will be liable if the owner knew the animal was dangerous or should have known the animal was dangerous. In such a case, our team will work with you to prove that this was the case in order to win your maximum financial recovery.

Work With a Claremont Animal and Dog Bite Injury Attorney

When you work with the personal injury team at The Law Offices of Farris Ain, APC, I will personally manage and pursue your dog bite or other animal injury claim in pursuit of maximum recovery on your behalf. If you believe that you may have a personal injury claim based on an encounter with an animal in California, I look forward to evaluating what I can do to pursue justice for you. Contact me today to schedule a free, confidential, no-hassle consultation regarding your potential California personal injury claim.