Protecting Your Rights

Discrimination based on a disability or medical condition is an unjust and disturbing treatment by employers of their permanently or temporarily disabled employees. In California, as in other states, employers are prohibited from discriminating against their employees on the basis of disability, whether permanent or even those with only temporary medical conditions. If you are demoted, harassed, discriminated against or outright terminated by your employer due to your current medical condition, you should seek legal help from top medical condition discrimination attorney in California right away. If you are serious in fighting for your rights in the workplace, you should ask advice from skilled employment lawyers in California who are adept in handling discriminatory acts perpetrated by unjust employers against poor employees who have medical conditions. A medical condition is something that impairs your ability to perform your job or the tasks assigned to you, whether temporarily or permanently. Regardless of the permanence or temporary state of your medical condition, your employer is prohibited by law to wantonly discriminate against you only on account of your current medical state. Hence, if you feel that instead of helping you cope with work and providing you with reasonable accommodation, you are instead refused your rightful compensation or assigned more difficult tasks or even demoting you because of your disability, then you need to be represented by trusted employment and labor law attorneys who are experts in representing victims of discrimination due to medical or physical conditions in California right away.

Trust Top Medical Discrimination Lawyers in California to Fight for You

If you have been disabled by serious sickness then that is considered a medical condition where your employer is obligated to provide you with reasonable accommodations. The medical conditions could either be physical or internal, among them are: asthma, cancer, chronic pains, hearing or speech problems and even partial or total amputations of parts of a person’s limbs. In any of these cases, the employer is obligated to make sure that the disabled employee has provided some form of consideration necessary to help him or her do effective work in the work place. If instead of helping you by providing you with reasonable accommodations, you are instead ridiculed, harassed or made victim of medical condition discrimination, then the best thing to do is seek legal advice from top medical condition discrimination lawyer in from Los Angeles to Orange County, Riverside and San Bernardino and throughout California. Our diligent medical discrimination attorneys in California can inform you that even pregnancy is included as a medical condition. Failure of your employer to provide you with reasonable accommodations during pregnancy or refusing to allow you to take your legally protected leaves, will make your employer liable to medical discrimination lawsuit. However, proving medical discrimination or even refusal to provide reasonable accommodation in court is a daunting task. Hence, if you are serious in claiming the maximum compensation you deserve for all your lost wages, pain and suffering and other losses, you must let our highly skilled California medical discrimination lawyers do the work of claiming your best compensation for you.

Understanding California Medical Condition Discrimination Laws

According to California medical condition discrimination laws, when a medical condition prevents or inhibits an employee from doing work and the medical condition is temporary and treatable, the employer must allow the disabled employee to go with treatments and be absent from work in order to get better. If your employer later on demotes you or fires you from your work because of your absences due to treatments, then California medical condition discrimination law provides that you have a right to seek damages against your unjust employer. In fact, aside from the fact that employers are prohibited from discriminating or retaliating against their employees on account of their medical conditions, the employer is even mandated by medical condition discrimination laws in California to provide reasonable accommodations. The Law Offices of Farris Ain’s highly competent California medical condition discrimination lawyers can help you determine what constitutes reasonable accommodation helping you with your medical condition discrimination law violation claims, which includes altering your work area, providing you with a different timeline in accomplishing your tasks, changing your work schedule or transferring you to another job or task within the work place. If your employer fails to at least provide you with reasonable accommodations on account of your medical condition, take comfort in the fact that our very aggressive medical condition discrimination law attorneys will make sure that your employer pays dearly for discriminating against you.