All employees with disabilities or declared medical conditions are protected by the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. Medical conditions do not only mean sickness, illness or other physical problems suffered by employees. Medical condition actually includes pregnancy of women employees. If you are pregnant and you are not allowed by your employer to be absent for check-ups or if you are retaliated against after giving birth, then your employer is in violation of FEHA act and you need to contact our best Fair Employment Housing Act claims lawyer right away to make sure that you are validly and timely allowed pregnancy breaks and leaves. Even if you are terminated after being absent for periods of time to address your pregnancy, our expert attorneys for Fair Employment Housing Act claims will surely be able to help you get your job back and even provide for you the highest compensation you deserve which may include lost wages, unclaimed benefits, compensation for your emotional pain, suffering and other non-economic losses. Equally, if you are temporarily disabled to perform work, your employer has the obligation to allow you to be absent to be able to go to your treatments. If you are either not allowed to take full rest or medical treatment or is demoted or fired after going back to work, then your employer is also guilty of FEHA violations and our highly committed Fair Employment Housing Act claims law firm will fight tooth and nail to give you back your rightful job, to include any lost wages, which you are entitled to. Moreover, for your unjust employer’s dubious act of violating FEHA provisions, you can even obtain reparation for all your damages, pain and suffering and other losses.

Why Seek Advice from Top Attorneys for FEHA Claims in California?

FEHA laws and other anti-discrimination, harassment and retaliation laws do not only impose on employers the obligation not to commit harassment or discriminatory acts. Employers are also obligated to make sure that employees are not harassed or discriminated against in the work place. Additionally, in case of medical conditions or disabilities, employers are also obligated to provide his/her workers with reasonable accommodations. If you are temporarily or permanently disabled but otherwise able to work in the employer’s workplace, failure of your employer to provide reasonable accommodations to you will open your employer to FEHA violation claims. The Law Offices of Farris Ain’s expert FEHA claims attorneys in California will assist you in obtaining necessary evidence required by the rules to import and show negligence and violation of FEHA laws against your employer. Even if your employer makes an excuse that reasonable accommodations cannot be given to you without undue hardship to him or your other co-employees, our top labor law attorneys dealing with FEHA claims and other employment and labor law issues in California have decades of successful experience in refuting or proving false the weak defense propounded by unjust employers in order to escape claims for violations of FEHA provisions.

Best Lawyers for Fair Employment Housing Act Claims

California employers are mandated under the Fair Employment Housing Act or FEHA, to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace or at least take steps in making sure that his/her employees are not made victims of discrimination by other co-workers. If your employer was unable to prevent your co-employees from harassing you or failed to provide you a reasonably fair working environment free from harassment and retaliation, then your employer is guilty of violating Fair Employment Housing Act provisions. You should know that, as a victim of FEHA violations, you have a claim against your unjust employer. For this, you need to seek legal advice from top FEHA claims attorney in California. You should also be aware that your employer may also be committing discrimination in the workplace in violation of FEHA even without any direct participation in any harassment or discriminatory acts. This happens when you have filed a FEHA violation case against your co-workers and your employer failed to address the matter. In this case, your employer would still be guilty of FEHA violation for failure to provide humane and safe working environment for employees in the workplace. In order, however, to make sure that you are not estopped or barred from claiming your rights under FEHA provisions, you should be represented by experienced FEHA claims lawyers in California, who can inform of your rights and be assisted in the process of claiming the maximum compensation you can obtain either through FEHA law suit or FEHA negotiations.