Protecting Your Rights

In any city, county or state in the U.S. discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and other discriminatory or inhumane acts against employees are not allowed. There are federal and state laws that protect employees from violations of their human rights in the workplace. For federal employees, they have additional protection under California Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) of the Commission, where they can seek redress after suffering discrimination or other employment law violations while in government service. If you are a federal, state, municipal or agency employee, EEOC will provide the venue for you to file for redress of your grievances and there is no better person to help you than an experienced California Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawyer. If you are a government employee in California, there are Los Angeles equal employment opportunity law firms that can help you pursue your claim in every step of the way. However, as an alleged victim of discrimination, sexual harassment and employment retaliation in the government, you should know that the law mandates that you exhaust all administrative remedies first before you are allowed to request for a hearing with the federal EEOC. As you can see, claiming your just compensation for the damages you suffered due to discrimination, harassment or retaliation, among other employment violations, requires the technical legal expertise of skilled EEOC claims attorney. While ideally, you may think the laws regarding employment discrimination, harassment and retaliation are fairly straightforward, the administrative process in obtaining compensation is never simple, which is why all employee victims, especially those working under the government should seek immediate legal advice and representation from expert employment and labor lawyers abreast with the procedures of the Commission.

Why Seek Representation from Top Attorneys for EEOC Claims in California?

If you are working with the government and you are based in California, you need to seek immediate legal advice from The Law Offices of Farris Ain’s top Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims lawyers in California if you think you are being harassed, discriminated against or retaliated in the work place. Aside from knowing the proper procedures, a government employee victim of any employment violation needs to prove his or her claim with the Commission or in a court of law. Prior to this, as clearly stated earlier, administrative process should have been exhausted first and all these procedures and mandated rules of evidence should be followed correctly in order to obtain a greater chance of claiming damages. Hence, if you are serious in obtaining justice for all your suffering, you need to rely on expert legal representation to take you through all the stages of the legal process from the presentation of evidence and other required legal documents, to negotiations or mediations and even up to actual hearing or trial. Highly skilled employment and labor law attorneys can help you in aggressively and thoroughly researching all the laws pertinent to your case, as well as compile and present the necessary evidence to prove your allegations and justify your claims for the maximum compensation for your damages.